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About Me

imageimageIn 2005 I was suffering from migraine headaches.  I was in and out of doctors offices with cat scans and steroids...nothing helped.  After several months of pain, a friend suggested I get a massage and I thought to myself, well that sounds pretty good whether it helps or not.  I  made an appointment with a therapist, walked in with a migraine and walked out an hour later without one.  I was sold on the value and benefits of massage which increased with every session.  Massage then kickstarted a new way of living for me...healthy living.  I began to take interest in nutrition and fitness which then launched me into a new positive and grateful attitude which has brought to me a new sense of inner peace..  As a result, I finally started living a happy and fullfilling life.  When I came to that crossroads I realized I wanted to give back what massage has given to me personally...so I decided to go to massage therapy school.  It was exactly what I was meant to do as I love where I am in life now. 

imageimageimageI love being in the great outdoors but above all else, I love my family the most.

I specialize in helping clients manage their chronic pain and stress using a combination of techniques suitable for each individual.  If you are suffering from chronic pain or just want to take a break from reality, I invite you to make an appointment with me and we will create a personal treatment plan for you.


Yours in wellness, Kellie










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